July 13, 2020

Rythu Bandhu benefits should reach every farmer : CM KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to ensure that Rythu Bandhu Scheme benefits should reach every farmer in the state without omitting even one eligible farmer.  The CM said that it was a good augury that farmers are cultivating under the regulatory farming policy cent percent and this would be a new foundation for a greater victory in future.  He announced that an ultra-modern cold storage at a cost of Rs 25 Crore would be constructed to storage the seeds produced by the State Seed development Corporation. He also instructed that Rythu Vedikas should be constructed at all the Clusters by Dussera. 

The CM held a high-level review meeting at Pragathi Bhavan here on July 11th, Saturday on Rythu Bandhu Scheme help, and other agriculture related issues. “Though the state’s economy is not in good shape due to the Corona Virus, the state government with a view to stand by farmers has released the Rythu Bandhu Scheme benefits to farmers. The officers with their coordinated efforts have given the benefits to the farmers. Information as on date showed that 99.9 per cent farmers have received the help. Ensure that each and every eligible farmer till the last one gets the help. Ministers and MLAs should find out whether the Rythu bandhu benefits reached to farmers in their constituencies and any one left behind and accordingly take action. Some farmers though they are cultivating the lands, due to ownership rights they may face problem to receive the Rythu bandhu scheme benefit. District Collectors should identify such farmers and solve their problems. They should conduct spot inquiry to establish the ownership rights. Enquiry with the neighbouring farmers and transfer the rights. Solve problems of every one. Take help of the local Rythu Samithi and local bodies representative’s. Once the problem is solved there will not be any issue later,” the CM made it clear.

“Laxmapur Village in Medchel district has no land records. Due to the initiative taken by Minister from the district Sri Malla Reddy, the government conducted survey in the entire village. The land ownership is established. This should happen in other places too,” the CM said. “To extend Rythu Bandhu benefits to farmers, the government will not bother about whatever may be the expenditure. There is no time lit to extend the Rythu Bandhu help. Don’t rest till the last beneficiary farmers get the help. The government’s aim is that each and every farmer should get the benefit. No farmer in the state should complain that he or she did not get the Rythu Bandhu benefit,” the CM said. “Submit a report on how many received the Rythu bandhu Scheme benefit? Are there any one who did not get the benefit. Get reports cluster-wise from MEOs. Get reports from Rythu Bandhu Samithies. If anyone did not receive the benefit help them immediately. Register sale and purchase of land details,” the CM instructed.

“The government has suggested regulatory farming policy only to help farmers get a good price for their produce. All farmers in the state are cultivating this Monsoon season under the policy. When the government said there should not be any cultivation of maize in this season, the farmers followed it. This is a great change. It is also a great development that farmers went for cultivation following the regulatory farming method cent percent. The unity and awareness demonstrated farmers would lay foundation to greater victories in future. This is an auspicious development. My congratulations to all farmers in the State. The response from farmers is giving inspiration to the government. This will become an inspiration to the government to work more rigorously towards farmers welfare and agriculture development,” the CM announced.

“To enable farmers to have discussions among themselves and with the agriculture officials, the state government has embarked on constructing Rythu vedikas in the State. This is a measure, which no other state government did in the entire country. Construction of vedikas has begun. Collectors should take initiative to ensure that these vedikas are completed by Dussera festival. Once the Rythu Vedikas are completed they will become protective vedikas for farmers,” the CM expressed hope.

“Telangana State is transforming itself as a great agriculture based state. As part of this, the production of seeds is being done in a big way. Telangana Agriculture University and Telangana Seed Development Corporation have started producing quality and fine quality seeds. To store the seeds, the government has decided to construct an ultra-modern cold storage facility at cost of Rs 25 crore. Funds for this will be released shortly. Complete it within a year and get it into the use,” the CM said.