April 21, 2015

Kerala Parekshabhavan SSLC Results 2015

The corrected and updated version of the results of the SSLC examinations of 2015 may be published in a day or two. The missing results data of 2,464 students are being collected from various evaluation centres, Director of Public Instruction Gopalakrishna Bhatt.  The Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) has called for a comprehensive reform of the SSLC examination system in the wake of the inaccuracies reported in the examination results.

The KSSP State president N.K. Sasidharan Pillai and secretary V.V. Sreenivasan said here on April 23rd, Thursday that the errors in the grading system in the SSLC results were the result of the inefficiency of the system itself. They said the major issues that contributed to the latest controversy included evaluation of answer sheets without scientific planning, inefficiency of the software for uploading marks, and exerting pressure on the system by setting unreasonable targets. The students and parents were put to trouble due to this.

Dr. Pillai and Mr. Sreenivasan said a serious discussion should be initiated on the conduct of the SSLC examination. The present results stand and any changes in the overall percentage consequent on the ongoing corrections would be in decimal places, he said.  “It would be wrong to say that the current results are being withdrawn and a new one is being republished. This is a correction in the data of some students,” Mr. Bhatt said.

Soon after the results of this year’s SSLC examinations were published, it became clear that there were discrepancies in the results of several students: while in some cases the marks entered were wrong, in other cases even those students who did not appear for the examinations were given grades.