December 22, 2014

Telangana TS KG to PG Education

Telangana chief minister K ChandrasekharRao on Dec 22nd, Monday said that his state's education policy would promote professional excellence and make students "internationally" competitive. Telangana government's aim is to implement a free education policy from kindergarten (KG) to post-graduation (PG), Rao said while reviewing the state education policy here on Dec 22nd, 2014. He would conduct a round-table conference on the proposed 'KG-to-PG' education policy, adding that the government would treat expenditure incurred on education as "very useful", the release said. 

CM KCR said that he would send a team from Telangana state to places where the best educational policies are being implemented. He said that he favoured uniformity in the type of schools, syllabus, food menu as well as examination patterns and without caste or religious considerations, to achieve a society without any such differences. The proposed state education policy should also promote moral values and promote professional excellence, the release said.