November 30, 2014

KG to PG Free Education in Telangana State

The Telangana government is considering converting all government schools to English medium. The government will soon announce a new education policy after consulting experts. Chief Minister KCR wants to introduce English medium in all government schools. He said the poor standards in government schools is ruining children. Officials also discussed the KG to PG scheme on Nov 29th, 2014.  

Five proposals were put forth at a meeting held on Saturday with the CM on education policy. It was proposed that all Telugu medium government schools be converted to English medium and the focus in the first year after that should be on learning English. Teachers would also be instructed to teach only in English in government schools. Currently, there are about three to four English medium government schools in every mandal. The proposal to increase the number of residential schools in all mandals is also under consideration.  

KCR said his aim was to see poor children study in English medium schools. Education should be in English from the beginning itself. Those who can afford are sending their children to private schools. But poor people can’t afford private schools, he said. The standards in government schools are not up to the mark,” he said. KCR also said he wanted to see the children of bureaucrats, politicians and the downtrodden study in the same school. He asked officials to conduct a workshop with experts and academicians on the new education policy. 

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Nov 29th, Saturday re-affirmed his Government’s commitment to providing quality, English-medium education to the poor and the deprived sections, and directed officials to firm up the ‘KG-to-PG’ action plan. At a review meeting here on Nov 29th, 2014. He discussed thread bare the education policy that was required to be adopted with Education Minister Jagadheesh Reddy and senior officials. Referring to how children are getting nutritious food and pre-school education at existing ‘Anganwadi’ centres, he said they need to be transformed into play schools.

There is a need to adopt English as the medium of instruction right from the primary schools to prepare under-privileged children for life ahead, Mr. Rao told officials, pointing that anyway, those who could afford it, send their wards to English medium schools. He expressed concern that children belonging to the poorer sections of society faced the danger of a bleak future and said that things in Government schools are not as they should be and asked officials to see that under no circumstances should they be neglected.

The Chief Minister said that education policy should be drafted in such a way that it erases any differences between education to the poor and the rich and that there is a need for the number of residential schools to be increased, as they set high standards and achieved better results.