October 22, 2014

TS State Level Quality Assurance Coordination Committee SLQACC

The Commissioner of Collegiate Education (FAC), Telangana State, Hyderabad, has stated that the Govt. of India has made it mandatory for all the Higher Educational Institutions to be accredited by  National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the University Grants  Commission has made accreditation mandatory and also notified that, only the  accredited institutions will be released funds in 12th Plan. The erstwhile Govt. of  united Andhra Pradesh at the request of NAAC established State Level Quality  Assurance Coordiation Committee (SLQACC) with the Hon’ble Minister for  Higher Education as its Chairman. The State Level Quality Assurance Coordination Committee (SLQACC) shall review the progress towards  quality assurance in institutions of Higher Education in the State and through  NAAC assessment and other appropriate measures. It shall also guide the  functioning of the State Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC), a functional unit of  SLQACC. 

2. The Commissioner of Collegiate Education (FAC), Telangana State, Hyderabad has furnished the following guidelines for establishment of State Level Quality Assurance Bodies, as suggested by the NAAC- 

Organisation of the Quality Assurance Cell (QAC):- 

The Quality Assurance Cell would be the operational administrative unit of the SLQACC. The Cell may be headed by an Officer from the Directorate of Higher Education, or a Dean, College Development Council on deputation or a Professor on deputation. She may be given FAC or Additional Charge of the Cell. The salary of the Head of the Cell would be the responsibility of the State Govt., and the Office space for the Cell is to be provided by the Directorate. 

Objectives of setting up State-Level Quality Assurance Bodies. 

- To work towards quality improvement of Colleges in the State. 
- To draw up State-level action plan in consultation with NAAC. 
- Act as nodal agency/ies between the respective State HEIs and NAAC. 
- Be information and resource centre for quality sustenance and enhancement activities related to Collegiate Education. 

- To publish relevant manuals and literature on assessment and accreditation in the regional language, for wider circulation and better understanding. 

- To conduct awareness programmes on issues related to quality assurance. 

- To motivate Colleges and other HEIs of the State to undergo assessment and accreditation, based on a phase-wise plan, prepared in consultation with NAAC. 

- To assist the NAAC in initiating post-accreditation quality sustenance measures in the State. 

- To help the NAAC in achieving the targets of A/A in the case of affiliated Colleges. 

- To advise the State Government to initiate suitable measures for ascertaining the maintenance of minimum standards in HEIs. 

-To advice the NAAC on the quality assurance activities to be taken up by the HEIs in the State, for achieving globally-acceptable standards 

-The Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education Chairman 
-The Secretary for Higher Education Department Vice Chairman Representatives of other planning and coordinating bodies of Higher Education at the State level Members. 
-2 or 3 Vice-chancellors of Universities in the State, to be nominated by the Chairman of the Committee Members 
-2 or 3 Principals from the State, to be nominated by the Chairman of the Committee Members 
-2 or 3 persons representing stakeholders in higher education i.e., from NGOs, the Corporate Sector, the Management of Private HEIs and others, to be 
nominated by the Chairman of the Committee Members 
- The Director, NAAC or his representative Member
-Commissioner of College Education, Member Convener.